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Welcome to Fearless Football 2013

How does it work?
For each round and before the cuttoff time, pick who you think will win.

Are there prizes?
Yes! Each week $100 is drawn for from those that "Beat Fearless" .

Week 5 Games September 127-29

Fearless aces preps, still chokes

Old Fearless startled us when he let out a yell while scanning the results of last week's contest.

"I didn't miss a single prep game," he crowed. "Looks like I could go undefeated."

Then the bird-brained wonder checked the college results and went bonkers. He missed all three local games, plus Arkansas' flop at Rutgers. You could see his beady eyes grow cold, and he seemed to deflate into his chair.

"Confounded colleges threw me for a loop," he bellowed, smacking the top of his desk. "I had a chance to shine, but they put out the light."

We told the crotchety old buzzard that the only thing shiny about him was his red nose and noggin. He ought to be used to blowing his chances for a stellar performance.

Fearless just glared at us and picked up this week's schedule. After a moment, he began to shake, realizing the prep games spelled misery.

"I never heard of some of these schools," he whined. "I'm doomed before I even start."

Well, not really. Fearless and all the entries start off with a win because the contest list has Fayette Academy playing the wrong opponent. Everyone will get that pick correct.

Last week Fearless managed a 29-4 record. He was 20-0 with the preps, 8-4 with the colleges and correct on the Titans' win. Overall he is 65-15 with the preps (.812), 32-11 with the colleges (.744) and 2-1 with the Titans.

Only 14 beat the seer in Week 4 of the I Beat Fearless contest. Larry Coffman of Trenton won the drawing for $100. Larry missed three. The top picker among 207 entries was Teresa West of Humboldt. She missed two.

Entry forms are in each Sunday paper, and you can enter online at jacksonsun.com/fearless. Entry deadline is at 11:59 p.m. each Tuesday.

There are plenty of toss-up games this week, and that's bound to give Fearless ulcers.

"This prep lineup is murder," he moaned. "Here we are a third of the way through the contest season and I'm still clueless."

Expecting a tortuous weekend:

FEARLESS PICKS: TCA over JCM, North Side over Lexington, Liberty over South Side, ECS over USJ, CPA over Milan, Haywood over Fayette-Ware, Hardin County over McNairy, Adamsville over Collinwood, Huntingdon over Camden, Dresden over Union City, Bruceton over Greenfield, Fulton County over Gibson County, West Carroll over Lake County, Gleason over McEwen, Humboldt over McKenzie, Covington over Dyer County, Munford over Ripley, South Fulton over Fulton City and Calloway County over Obion.

ON THE COLLEGE FRONT: It will be Tuskegee over Lane, UT Martin over Southeast Missouri, Reinhardt over Bethel, Tennessee over South Alabama, Alabama over Ole Miss, Texas A&M over Arkansas, Florida over Kentucky, Georgia over LSU, Missouri over Arkansas State, South Carolina over Central Florida and Vanderbilt over Alabama-Birmingham.

Dan Morris can be reached by e-mail at fearless@jacksonsun.com


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Week 1 - Bob Jelks of Jackson
Week 2 - Ella Evans of Henderson
Week 3 - Eddie McDonald of Brownsville
Week 4 - Larry Coffman of Trenton
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